Collection points are grocery stores and greengrocers in the Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie neighbourhood in Montreal where we collect unsold food on a weekly basis. By giving their unsold and still edible food items, merchants allow them to have a second life. Some are transformed into fruit spreads that some merchants resell, while others are redistributed to local organizations. Important players in the food system, food stores are progressively opening up to the idea of adopting this way of doing things as well as expressing their desire to improve their practice.


Important pillars of the community, the neighbourhood community organizations devote themselves to improving the daily lives of citizens in need; their goal is to eliminate inequalities. We are proud to collaborate with these local actors and to help build a more equitable and cooperative society that makes human beings its main priority.



These are partners that support us or have supported us during each phase of the launch of our project. They are collaborators who have played an essential role in making this project a success. They are passionate individuals and we consider ourselves fortunate to have them as working colleagues.


Since the very beginning, the elected officials have been on board and have helped us make this project a reality. Whether through an official support, a discretionary budget, a participatory budget or advertising visibility, they all came forward. We want to thank them for being sympathetic to our cause and for taking such an interest in our mission to offer solutions to overcome food waste.


Adopting a positive approach towards food waste does make a difference. Since the beginning, through the approach we have adopted, we have rallied a large number of people around the project, all motivated to get involved and get the job done, whether by sharing their knowledge or putting us in touch with someone who could, by providing a service or by giving us advice. Their commitment is the living proof that there is strength in numbers and that collective action brings results.


Ariane for her ninja touch in giving advice on Facebook Alexandra and Valérie from District for helping us spread love on Internet Bénédicte Brocard for the most beautiful pictures in the world Carine from K’farnaüm for the wonderful drawings for Les Rescapés Laurence and Thimotey from ORFÉ for their generous guidance Lisa and Julien from MtoM Création for the Web site and their generosity Karel from Les Gaspilleurs for designing our display racks and Michaël from Les Affûtés for cutting the wood Lydia Tetyczka, Frédéric Dorval Laforest, Jean Favreau, Paul St-Georges and Victor Oudet for getting us into numbers Myriam Picovschi for her exceptional talent with IT Guillaume Coulombe for his unconditional love of lasting IT procedures Alessandro Labeque for his precious commitment Christine, Patricia, Simon and Raphaël for being exceptional guinea pigs Simon Faucher for his gifted palate Stéphane from La Maisonnete des parents for his amazing complicity All at l’Esplanade and Impact 8 for the love they shared Anne Charest and Channa Ly for their motivation and new wave of energy Bérangère Ferrand for capturing wonderful moments of us in the kitchen despite our caps Diane Zapatta for sharing her mastery of alchemical notions that helped us fine-tune our recipes