La Transformerie is a non-profit organization (NPO) whose mission is to promote the reduction of food waste in Montreal.

To start our project, we have been fortunate to receive grants and financial support from numerous partners. Since the official launch, our fruit spreads, Les Rescapés, have generated income that serve to cover part of our costs relating to the collection of unsold food at participating merchants, food transformation, redistribution of some of the food collected as well as the salary our first three full time employees.

Your donations will help us cover part of the costs of our anti-waste activities.

As a NPO, La Transformerie is a collective asset.

In order to help us further the development of our organization, to create new delicious spreads, to expand our activities to cover the entire Montreal Island and to maximize the impact of our anti-waste actions, make a donation.

Your contribution will have a real impact.  

Other ways you can support us

Choose a fruit spread that helps eliminate food waste!

Support us so we can continue our small-scale production of traditionally made fruit spreads and discover our unique and original recipes.