We are a young organization with a small full time staff. Given the scale of food waste, it is an important challenge. The motivation and the involvement of volunteers allow us to achieve much more, as well as considerably maximize our impact.

It is an essential part of our work; your collaboration helps us carry out our mission of reducing food waste.

Volunteering is currently only specific to Les Rescapés*

Volunteer with us

What it entails

Volunteering with us offers many options. You can help sort out the collected food we pick-up, pack what will be redistributed to community organizations or do a kitchen shift to helps us make our delicious fruit spreads.

When & Where?

Volunteering activities take place mainly at our kitchen located at La Maisonnette des parents in the Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie neighbourhood.

Join us any time from Sunday to Thursday !


  • There are many good reasons for volunteering at La Transformerie…
  • You can learn new kitchen and canning techniques.
  • You provide a valuable support and help reduce food waste, come together to share the pleasure of collaborating as well as experiencing the satisfaction of giving value to the food that would otherwise be wasted.
  • You can have our fruit spreads free (in one of our refundable jar for $1).
  • It is easy to volunteer with us as you can come according to your availability.
  • Be part of a warm family environment here in Montreal and meet people who share common values.