Winner of a FEED Montreal bursary

Winner of a FEED Montreal bursary

La Transformerie’s mission is to reduce food waste in Montreal. It offers solutions easy to adopt that can help solve the problem of food waste in grocery stores. Since April, the organization collects unsold food in grocery stores in the Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie borough.

Currently, on a weekly basis, it is more than 800 kg of foodstuff that are collected from 5 participating stores. Giving a new life to some of the unsold fruits, the organization transforms them into 6 delicious fruit spreads called Les Rescapés. The rest of the foodstuff is given to food banks, thus providing people in need with good quality food. The love guides this team of 3 employees, a hundred volunteers helping in the kitchen and about 30 professional volunteers work. The positive attitude in reducing food waste adopted at La Transformerie encourages collaboration. In the first 6 months of the project, 18.5 tons of foodstuff were collected, of which 14 tons was given to food banks. The bursary will help the organization provide more efficient services., namely, collecting unsold foodstuff, food transformation and redistributing to other organizations, thus having a greater impact.”

Extract from ImpactFest: Two Montreal startups win a FEED Montreal bursary at the Startup Festival; published July 20, 2019.

Photo credits: L’Esplanade

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