Finalist for The Lauriers Awards of Quebec Gastronomy

Finalist for The Lauriers Awards of Quebec Gastronomy

La Transformerie is a finalist in the Company or initiative of the year category of the Lauriers Awards of Gastronomy, 2018 edition.

[…] for La Transformerie, a newly found company whose aim is to reduce food waste in the most delicious way possible. “In my view, the principal interest of the Lauriers was to highlight some of the lesser known people and make the public aware of their work, notes Guillaume Cantin, cofounder of La Transformerie. I am thinking, for example, of the historian Michel Lambert who has a deep knowledge of Quebec’s culinary heritage that no one else possesses and chef Nancy Hinton at the Jardins Sauvages.”


“We had nothing in Quebec that could bring people together in the world of gastronomy, explains founder and managing director Christine Plante. The gala is the first concrete action of the Lauriers, but we also want to bring the people in this industry the to engage in a dialogue.”

Extract from La reconnaissance oui, mais… by Ève Dumas, published  April 21, 2018 in La Presse newspaper.

Photo credits: The Lauriers Awards of Quebec Gastronomy

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