And if we transformed unsold food into preserves?

And If We transformed unsold food into preserves?

“With an entrepreneur friend of mine, Thibault Renouf, we asked ourselves what we could do, at our own level, with the skills we have, that would have a positive impact.




First of all, he challenged me to make a meal out of discarded food found in the merchant’s garbage bins. […] Making the meal, we were surprised by the quality of the ingredients we found there. I was expecting to find rotten food, but the quality was amazing, just ripe, ready to be transformed.




The idea is to correct a faulty equation: merchants don’t want to through out products and organizations need that food, but are not equipped to collect them.




La Transformerie relies on a sustainable system: give part of the products collected and transform the rest into preserves.


The preserves are fruit spreads, sweet and salted: apple pie, banana caramel, eggplant curry, broccoli humus…


We collect the merchant’s unsold food and we sell them the transformed products.




The interesting point in our model is that all stakeholders are valued. Merchants send a positive message, food banks receive a good amount of foodstuff and the consumer gets to buy a quality product



Part of our income serves to finance a research program through which we can quantify what the actual waste represents for merchants and for consumers. This research and development program will allow us to create a blueprint of solutions that we can share with merchants and help them put a strategy into into place.”


Extract from Gaspillage alimentaire : et si on transformait les invendus en conserve? by Sofia Colla, published  November 22, 2017 in We Demain.


Photo credits: La Transformerie

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