A wealth of unsold food!

A wealth of unsold food!

Two hours later, there is no more space in the backpacks and Thibault’s cart was overflowing with food: greens, packs of multicolored cherry tomatoes, peaches, pears, quinoa, bread, yogurts…”




Chef Guillaume Cantin communicates the menu: a fruit based spiced punch (the apples, pears and nectarines collected processed in the juicer); tomato soup with diced multicolored peppers garnished with croutons; humus with sriracha sauce as the appetizer; and for the main course, red quinoa with a cream of lettuce, braised half lettuces and pomegranate arils; for dessert, bread pudding (recuperated from the garbage bin!) served with coffee flavoured yogurt, caraway and thin slices of peaches poached in a light syrup.


Salt, milk and eggs for the dessert, these are the only ingredients that the chef brought with him from home. It goes without saying that he also brought his creativity, his concern for the food related causes he chooses to defend in his professional practice. Thibault brought a few bottles of wine.  A gastronomic/scraps/ethic meal is certainly worth celebrating!


[…] So what comes next (after the meal is enjoyed, all is cleaned and washed and the dishes (a loan from the organization Renaissance) back in the cupboard? Does everything stops there just to be able to say “It is feasible. I did it!” or do we further reflect on the possible avenues of action this experience with saving the so called food waste? 


Guillaume and Thibault are already thinking about the next step, to the fully integrated circuits that could be put into place.


Extract from Des poubelles trois étoiles by Sophie Suranati for Le Devoir newspaper, published November 5, 2016.


Photo credits: Fabrice Gaëtan

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